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:: IQXP Program™ downloads ::

New versions of the IQXP Program are available here - enter your user name and password that was sent you.   To begin a subscription see the next section for details.

  • Annual Subscription: Click here to download annual subscription.

  • Semi-annual Subscription: Click here to download semi-annual subscription.

  • Trial Subscription: Click here to download 30 day trial - contact David at  to get user name and password.  Full contact information is required.

Download and run the IQXP install program.  The latest DTN client (currently is also in the download area.  This is the latest DTN Client - 

  Your current IQXP Program setup, portfolios and symbols are not affected if you are installing a new version of IQXP over an old one.  The install program preserves the current configuration, portfolios, and symbol entries.

  You need a subscription to one of DTN's internet feeds  to run the IQXP Program.  See below for more information.

 :: Subscriptions  to the IQXP Program™ ::

  • Subscription fees are: $300 semi-annual and $500 for annual subscriptions.

  • We can arrange for special periods -

  • The IQXP Porgram Trial version runs for a month and is free - to get the download information (user name and password) contact David by email ( including full contact information, name, address, phone and email address to insure delivery of download information. A subscription to DTN IQFeed is required for market quote data to run the IQXP Program - DTN has free trial subscriptions available. See below for more info under Program Requirements

  • To set up a subscription to the IQXP Program contact David by email -  or  use the PayPal credit card payment option (all credit cards) - see below.

Click one of the PayPal links below to get a subscription - semiannual or annual.  PayPal accepts all credit cards.  The secure transaction is done at PayPal.  After payment you will receive an email with your user name and password for download from IQXP Software ( .  Keep this information for future updates or re-downloading. 

Semiannual Subscription - $300.00


Annual Subscription - $500.00

:: First time users of the IQXP Program™ ::

  • You need a subscription to DTN's Internet data feed, IQFeed to run the IQXP Program.

  • The initial program installation comes with several portfolios populated with various symbols to illustrate operation. The trial versions of The IQXP Program self expire - if you need more time to evaluate please contact us and we will extend the trial. 

 :: Program Requirements ::

Subscription to the DTN IQFeed data feed is required to operate the IQXP Program.   At this point the IQXP Program does not run on other feeds like eSignal and will not in the near future. 

  • Go to: OR call DTN at '1-800-475-4755' to subscribe to one of DTN's internet feeds. 

  • DTN satellite subscribers get a 1/2 off special. 

  • Let DTN know that you are going to use the data feed with the IQXP Program.

Installation of the DTN Client - latest released version is:

Operating System: WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, or WinVista - WinXP recommended. 

Memory: 1 GByte minimum - 2 GByte or greater recommended, 2 GByte if running Vista.

Processor Speed: 3.0 GHz or greater & P4 or better recommended - dual and quad core are supported

Hard Drive: 10GByte free prior to installation.

Internet Connection:  DSL or cable with 750kbs or greater speed.

Internet Quality:  The quality of the Internet connection is important - excessive packet loss and high latency (delay) can degrade performance and possible cause data errors.

:: New Features ::

Contact me for any new features that you would like to see added.

Note: The IQXP Program will not function with earlier DTN IQFeed clients less than 5.1 in case you have another application running that uses IQFeed.  The new  DTN client is not backward compatible.

Copyright 2004 - 2017 David Edson

Updated 29 May 2017

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